Japan Summit: Future Works – Oct 21st 2016, Tokyo

BY The Economist

Japan Summit: Future Works will explore the coming changes to the world of work and discuss how these might help re-boot Japan’s growth. This event will bring together the country’s opinion leaders for a day of debate and high-level discussion.

For much of the 1980s, the world looked to Japan for a glimpse into the future. The country experienced an average of 5% growth in GDP and prospects looked bright for the world’s second-largest economy.

Thirty years on, does Japan still have the right formula for world-beating success? Prime Minister Shinzo Abe thinks so and his grand plan to restore vim to the economy, ‘Abenomics,’is making headway—most notably in reforms to modernise company boards and enhance the role of women in the workplace. Change is happening in the private sector too: more of Japan’s business leaders are on the path to modernising their management practices and corporate cultures to better compete in a globalised, technology-led economy, moving to flexible working hours and performance pay and tapping into Silicon Valley’s innovation capabilities.

  • What economic mega-trends will shape Asia’s economies and how will they affect Japan?
  • What productivity levers will organisations be able to pull in the future? How will industries tap into new sources of talent?
  • How can employers, governments and educators bridge the skills gap to produce the kinds of graduates Japan’s future economy will need?
  • And how can business, governments and educators foster creativity and entrepreneurialism in the next generation of business leaders?

Speakers & Agenda

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